Începând cu 1 ianuarie 2018, companiile Python Systems și QUARTZ Data Recovery au încheiat un parteneriat cu scopul de a-și uni eforturile pentru a oferire servicii premium de recuperare a datelor la prețuri competitive.

De la începutul anului, companiile și-au extins dotările tehnice, baza de piese de schimb, cunoștințele tehnice și au implementat aceasi grila de preturi.

Ca urmare a încheierii parteneriatului, serviciile de diagnosticare, evaluare și recuperare a datelor se desfășoară exclusiv în laboratorul de la sediul QUARTZ Data Recovery din str. Ghe. Țițeica Nr. 142. Primirea suporturilor de date defecte dar și recepționarea datelor recuperate se poate efectua atât la sediul Python Systems Com din str. Vladoianu nr. 48, cât și la sediul QUARTZ Data Recovery din str. Gheorghe Țițeica.

Testimonials and customers references

Daniel Anghel, Tehnical Manager – Q’net International

There is an excellent cooperarion between our company Q’net International and Python. I asked for Python support (we worked with them from over 15 years), for recovering data for some of our customers, and each time we found the same motivated, serious and professional team. They are a company that found their place in the Romanian marked due to their continuous desire to improve services, which were flawless every time.

Bogdan Ghiga, Business Solutions Consultant – Konica Minolta Romania

The technology is advancing day by day and you are enjoying the big storage space of new hard disks. When buying a new hard disk, nobody thinks there is also a flipside. When you buy a 1 TB HDD, and you put on it all the pictures and movies that you made in the last 5 years, and the disk is broken, you don’t know what to do anymore. After a week of asking my friends and lokking on the internet, I took the decision to go to the only company that inspired confidence – that is Python. I didn’t regret this decision. I found a professional team, with an amazing experience, a team that developed their own solutions for any new problem on the market. After a week I had all the data recovered on a new HDD, which they recommended. Should any problem arise in the future with any defective storage media, I will go again to Python because they offered a quick, correct and professional service.

Emil Deliu, General Manager - Austral Trade SRL

A couple of months ago, one of our company servers malfunctioned, and as a result we could not access anymore to the data stored by it. Unfortunately, that server had stored data which would had decreased the efficiency of Austral activity with over 30%. Not to mention the work for re-creating the data, and the programs, work that would had probably spread over a period of at least 6 months. We tried first to restore the data ourselves, and then asked the support of specialized companies. It seemed impossible at the time and we were already resigned. So we came to Python Systems and they recovered all the data we thought lost in less than a week. The support that we got in such a moment cannot be expressed in money, and I can tell that Python became a good friend of our company, a friend that we wich to also help if needed.

Ionel Costea, IT Director – Leo Burnett Romania

Leo Burnett is working with Python from more than a decade, and I think this says a lot.

Together we created solutions, we changed technologies, and together we wish that the IT user to receive excellent products and services. Like for any other working system, it happens that somethings “break”. The worst case was when we could not access the data on an external 500 GB , LaCie SAFE, with Fingerprint technology, HDD. And, to make the matters worse, the colleague that used the HDD didn’t had a backup copy! We tried some techniques for data recovery, obviously without success, and we reached the conclusion that only a data recovery specialist can help us.

We found so that our salvation was very close. We sent the HDD (without the owner finger!), and after 5 days we had ALL the data, on a new HDD, identically organized as on the old one. Moreover, the LaCie hard disk was changed with a new one. Since then, several interventions were successful, so many of our colleagues have an easier ”sleep”. Someone at Python knows how to recover data.

Thank you, and keep specializing!

Stefania Harabagiu, Client Director, Brand Support.

Working with Python was a great and very eficienta. Din due to an error at the level of a hard drive, I lost a part of history data of the company, very important data that allows us to conduct daily activities zi. Am Sought we were informed and got to Python where I had the pleasure of finding a team of experts and professionals who have helped us to recover our data.

Motivation that works, professionalism and seriousness that address each client situation through which we are convinced that a united team with confidence that we will call whenever we need such services.

Vladimir Ionescu, Divizia IT&C – ISPE

I want to use this opportunity to thank to the PYTHON team for the readiness in solving some problems related to data recovery.

Specifically, due to a supposed mechanical defect, during the month of June 2011 we couldn’t do a backup on a SATA 320 GB hard disk.

My friends guided me to PYTHON and after 3 working days “everyone was happy”.

Bogdan Fireteanu

“I used Python services in a delicate moment when I thought I lost very important documents. Python have shown efficiency and professionalism, managing to recover those files completely and in a short time.

I thank them and recommend them with confidence.”

Cornel BRATU – s.c.SPECTRA –

With confidence I have been recommended the services of Python Systems. Moreover they offered a series of recommendations, explanations and details and I can not stress their efficiency.

The Python team have convinced me with timeliness and courtesy that they are professionals and do their job with passion. Passion that brought back all the information that we thought were lost.

They are professionals that I recognized and I recommend them with all my consideration.

Dragos Untaru - General Manager - SC Richter Intercom Construct SRL

I called the company to recover Python documents whose loss would have meant a less important for our company. Due reaction speed and efficiency with which my request was treated, documents were recovered within a record without affecting in any way decurgerea activity. Python recommend her company as a professional standard in the field, and in this way express my gratitude to have found a collaborator for which reliability is the standard work.

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When you realise that a storage drive / unit is
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first data recovery bulletCut the electric power immediately
data recovery bulletDo not restart the computer
data recovery bulletDo not install or reinstall software applications
data recovery bulletDo not hit, shake and do not dissasemble or clean the storage units
data recovery bulletDo not try to dry the wet units
data recovery bulletDo not power or to try to othervise intervene on the units
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